The TRUMP course, ten modules from the HEADWAY course and the Ready for Work booklets lead to the achievement of the Certificate in Learning Support at Level 1.  This is a course that has a focus on developing the Key Competencies, personal development and life skills.  The Certificate Qualification sits on the Kiwi qualifications Framework and is an NZQA approved certificate.

The TRUMP Course is made up of FIVE modules. This course has tasks that are written at Level 1 of the National Curriculum.  the tasks fit in with curriculum subjects and provide differentiated options for the students, making the learning meaningful, relevant and achievable. This course is aimed at students at apporximately Year 9 - 12, but needing supported learning.

The HEADWAY Course is made up of many modules that are categorised into five broad headings of Life Kills, Leisure, Vocational, Environmental and PMLD (Profound and multiple learning difficulties).  this course is aimed at young people aged 16 plus. this course provides a future pathway into adulthood for young people who display a range of learning needs and who will need ongoing support beyound school.

The Ready for Work Course is a course that prepares a young person for work.  This course requires all elements to be completed.  There is also a requirement for the practical part of this course to be carried out in a supported work placement.  This Course should be completed with young people who are aged 16 and over, who also show a maturity level needed to match the responsibilities of a workplace.

Certificate of Achivement

This is a new certificate to acknowledge students who complete all the TRUMP modules and FVE HEADWAY modules.  This certificate acknowledges achievemnt for students who are not able to complete the Ready to Work component of the Certificate in Learning Support at level 1.

SPEC Certificates

Individual SPEC certificates are awarded throughout the completing of TRUMP, HEADWAY, and Ready to Work, to recognise and clebrate small step achivements.